The History

Since 1970

The Agridue Agricultural Company carries on a family tradition, that of olive cultivation which began in 1970 when Vincenzo Piacquadio and his wife, my grandparents, started producing Extra Virgin olive oil as a sole proprietorship, initially with a traditional oil mill with presses.

Since the nineties, the heirs took over with the Pietramontecorvino Mill equipped with a modern continuous system. Today, the company is completely renewed as the Agridue Agricultural Company and continues to produce exceptional oil with an intense flavor.

The care of our olive groves and the transformation of the precious fruits into Extra Virgin olive oil follow the techniques of ancient peasant tradition, adapting to modern times with state-of-the-art machinery.

Un uomo guida un trattore arancione attraverso un uliveto.
olio in un contenitore di metallo. Olio agridue di qualità, colore extravergine e acidità.

The Quality of the Process

Cold-pressed Extraction

Our Extra Virgin olive oil is obtained from a blend of different olive varieties: Coratina, Leccino, and Peranzana. These olives are pressed within 24 hours of harvesting to preserve all the freshness and fragrance of the fruits, resulting in an Extra Virgin oil with a fruity taste, hints of vegetables, intense, and well-balanced.

The Mill, always a reference point in the area, thanks to the use of the latest industry innovations, reconciles genuineness and high quality, creating an unforgettable Extra Virgin with a delightful taste.

In recent years, the company has embarked on a journey aimed at educating consumers about the health benefits of Extra Virgin olive oil and its derivatives through tastings at the company.

The correct consumption of oil in our diet allows us to control cholesterol levels and is recommended to counteract cellular aging. Indeed, it is an excellent antioxidant. Used raw, it is the ideal condiment for our diet. Not surprisingly, the healthiest and most natural snack recommended by our grandparents was “bread and oil.”

Purchasing our Extra Virgin means having the certainty of bringing to the table all the genuineness of 100% Italian Extra Virgin. The low acidity level, at 0.18%, confirms the high quality of our Extra Virgin.

Quality and transparency: we have subjected our Extra Virgin to appropriate chemical analyses to give you the certainty of its high quality.