About Us

Our Land

The Agridue Agricultural Company spans 25 hectares with production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and durum wheat. Amidst the vigor of the olive groves, in the territory of Lucera, province of Foggia in Puglia, we dedicate ourselves with dedication to the care of the olive trees on our farm.

In this portion of land, there are olive trees with an average age of 50 years, of the varieties “Coratina, Peranzana, and Leccino” cultivated respecting nature.

Our Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: a healthy and genuine food

The Agridue Agricultural Company produces directly from its own olives. Our Extra Virgin is a blend of Coratina, Peranzana, and Leccino cultivars and a monovarietal of Peranzana. Rich in character and with pronounced nutritional properties.

Una casetta nell'azienda Agridue. Foggia nella territorio di Lucera, circondata da un campo con un cielo blu.
Ulivi agridue territorio azienda Foggia: paesaggio rurale con ulivi secolari, simbolo della tradizione agricola della zona.

Our Olive Grove

Why Choose Us?

Because the Agridue Agricultural Company produces directly from its own olives that are cultivated with care and dedication throughout the year, until milling, which takes place within 24 hours of harvesting.

This allows us to give our Extra Virgin a bold and pleasant flavor, with nuances of fruity taste and light bitterness and spiciness.

Most of our olive trees are of the Coratina and Peranzana quality, and a small portion of Leccino. The oil from the milling of these olives is

  • Rich in polyphenols;
  • Has low peroxide values;
  • Low acidity (< 0.2%).

Buying our Extra Virgin means bringing all the genuineness of 100% Italian Extra Virgin to the table.

Quality and transparency: we have subjected our Extra Virgin to appropriate chemical analyses to give you the certainty of its quality.

Bag in box: our ecologically friendly container, sealed hermetically, ensures the freshness of our oil for longer. Thanks to its small tap, it will be easy to fill bottles and protect the oil.